I moved to California in 2005, and got a job building race cars by the beach. I learned to TIG weld, fabricate, and surf. In 2012 we got a place with a 25x25 detached garage, and my dream of having a shop finally began to take shape. I decided to start offering aftermarket Virago products, starting with my legendary single carburetor intake. After many designs and re-designs, and lots of valuable feedback from the Virago community, in December 2016 I released my current design. I've sold about 50 units since then, and the response has been nothing but positive. I am dedicated to providing the very best products and specialty tools for our beloved Viragos. It is my priviledge to be part of and contribute to the worldwide Virago community.
  1. Intake Evolution
  2. The trusty Clymer manual
  3. The shop
  4. My first Virago